Cherry Popping and Seal Breaking

I was at a bar with a New Yorker yesterday and we were talking about slogans that refer to sex and alcohol. I mentioned I had to go break the seal and he was like oh we say unpop the cork. I told him I couldn’t use that slogan because it sounded too close to pop the cherry. And he had no idea what it meant!

I thought that was common lingo here for a female taking that v-card and shoving it out the window, but apparently it’s not as common as you’d think. It’s funny because the only other terms I’ve heard is of course “buttering your muffin” from Mean Girls and deflowering because I have a friend who was “deflowered” in Flower Hall on campus.

I guess because you only lose it once, a lot of people don’t sit there and come up with ridiculous slogans for it. Also, I’m sure a lot of people don’t actually want to talk about it until later in life.

I did some searching to see if there were any common synonyms for breaking the seal. there are  not a whole ton of sayings for taking the first pee of the evening after drinking. There are plenty for peeing in general, but hardly any refer to the drinking scene alone.

I always wonder how these slogans come about. Popping the cherry makes a bit of sense because when you pop an actual cherry, red juice squirts out. Often that’s the case for a female having sex for the first time, so there’s the analogy. I can only assume it’s called breaking the seal because when you finally pee for the first time, there is no stopping you from running to the bathroom every five minutes to have to pee again.

Slogans are a fun way to describe life’s little situations. So I challenge everyone to think of one slogan for losing that virginity and one for that first pee of the drinking night. Let’s get creative folks. Sky’s the limit here!


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