The NYFD Brother

The New York Fire department has probably seen more horror than most other fire departments. With so many people, so many accidents, and so many potentials for disaster, they have to be on the go pretty much nonstop. I was talking to a guy in the NYFD and he was telling me some of the crazy things he has done. He hasn’t been on the job for very long, but has already said he’s seen more than he hopes anyone has to.

He said the New York training they get is unreal and it’s probably close to the best in the world. And to be honest, looking at him I could completely tell. He had a few burn scars, was a massively strong man, and had a passion for saving lives (also was a bit cute).

He was talking about the few times he had to go into a blazing fire because the majority of the calls had nothing to do with an actual fire. One resulted in a bad burn and the ruining of his entire uniform. He was trying to get a kid out of the house and the whole place was ablaze. He was not leaving without the kid, so he was searching and got stuck when a beam collapsed. Right before he passed out, one of his colleagues yanked him out. Turns out the kid had walked outside because it was “hot” (he was 2, so he didn’t quite know what was going on). As a result, he has a gnarly scar on his back.

He does say that sometimes you don’t get as lucky. When you go into a fire, you can’t see anything, so when he was feeling around and felt a body, he yanked it out, but he was saying it was well already dead.

He said the best thing is when you actually get to save a life. He said there was a massive car crash and when he got to the scene, the kid was his friend. He was able to cut his friend out of the car before it went completely ablaze and performed CPR until the medics arrived.

What a job. You’re there when people need you most, through the good and the bad. It’s a scary, sometimes horrible, but mostly rewarding job and he loves the brotherhood it has formed with other NYFD members.


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