The Skipper Surfer

I was sitting on a beach when an older gentleman sat down next to me. He started talking about the town he loves, 1770 (which also happens to be the town I was in) and about how in the heck he managed to get here.

He was talking about how he was born and raised in Sydney and soon as he could, got the hell out of there. He hated the cold in the winter, really didn’t like the culture and desperately wanted to get out of the city. So he packed his bags and headed north. He found a small town (1770) and decided to live there. To make his money, he became a property developer, but recently stopped when the market died. He has a sister that lives nearby, but no kids and no wife, so you can tell he gets a bit lonely.

He was talking about his passions, boating and surfing. He loves surfing and even now in his old age makes it a point to either help others learn to surf or go surfing himself. He says he does miss the Sydney waves because they are really perfect that for surfing, but other than that doesn’t miss Sydney at all. In his free time, he pursues his other passion which is boating. I asked if he aspires to become a commercial skipper and he said never. The amount of training, practice, and knowledge needed to become a commercial captain is too much and he said it would take the fun out of boating.

We had a chat for about 30 minutes and at the end, he asked me for drinks to which I respectfully declined. But I did get to learn all about boating, the sea, wind direction and how it all affects surfers and skippers. I actually learned a lot and I think it made his day to chat about his passions to someone who would listen.


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