The Late Bus

This lady was talking to me about her life and job as she was taking me to the bus. It’s her job to pick people up from the late bus and take them to the hostel and then take people to the bus every night. It comes at 2:15 AM, so it’s not like this is at a convenient time at a convenient place.

This woman used to work as a truck driver. After years of driving trucks, she decided it was not for her, so she moved away from Brisbane into the country. She was looking around for a job and came across the job she has now. The hostels pay her to do a job they can’t find anyone to do, which is pick up people from the 2:15 AM bus.

She says there are many reasons she does this job, but the biggest one is for the safety of the passengers. She says before she started the job, sometimes passengers would be left out in the middle of nowhere for hours and she is a mother, so she couldn’t bear to see people’s kids stranded, often confused and cold, until the morning when someone bothered to go get them. She says she also does this because she has seen first hand how hostels treat guests and employees and she wants to show backpackers that her city isn’t always full of bad people. She was telling me before they would have to wait until someone woke up to check them in, which is often not until 8AM. Or when they would get there, they would have to make their own bed. Imagine trying to do that after having been on a bus all night.

She said people stopped coming and that’s why she had to help clean it up. She had to show the backpackers that they were wanted in her town and she was happy to provide a service to allow for a little more comfort.



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