Don’t Write Too Many Chapters

I met a girl who’s about to start working for an American Insurance company. Being she’s from England, I asked her how in the heck she managed to get so lucky!

Well she was a history major and had just graduated. A job offer for this insurance company came up and she thought she might apply. She thought she had no chance, but there’s never any harm in applying. She went through all the interview rounds and eventually was offered the job! She gets to do two years near her hometown and 1 year in the USA as part of her introductory program. How amazing! She gets to live and work overseas all because she applied for a job she thought she couldn’t get.

She was saying how her life has changed so much. She was going to work for the civil service in the government, but since she got this job, she’s actually really excited to go back to work. She’s like me in that she thought the only way to do life was to go to school, get internships and jobs, and then go straight to work. However, she realized there was more to life and is now travelling Australia before she goes to work.

She says it’s totally amazing where life takes you. She was saying she’s so glad she didn’t write her life story too far in advance because it allowed her to get out there and try something such as take a job she never thought of or travel the world.

She’s also inspiring in that she’s taking advantage of opportunities. So many people look back and wish they had taken that risk or made that move or switched roles or challenged themselves in some way and she doesn’t have to look back and have life regrets. So people, please please please never say no to something different. It just might change your life in ways you never thought possible.



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