Foreign Teaching

I met an Irish teacher eligible to teach grades K-6 and it was a blast getting to know her and asking questions. She’s moving to Australia and trying to get sponsored and was sharing the difference in getting certified to teach in different states.

In New South Wales, it’s incredibly easy. You just rock up, fill out a few pieces of paper, and you’re good to go. You can start teaching in a heartbeat. However, in Victoria, it is much harder. There are about 5 times as many forms, there are tests, and the system could take a minimum of three months to process your application for certification. It’s why most teachers who want to start right away just move to New South Wales and end up somewhere in the suburbs of Sydney.

What’s interesting is in certain parts of Australia, there is a massive shortage for teachers, but in the cities there are certainly no shortages. So it’s interesting that some states are much more accepting of foreign teachers when there are several teachers native to Australia that don’t have work. I also read however that there are several teachers who are frustrated and a large percentage in Australia don’t last longer than five years.

What Australia should do is offer foreigners to teach in regions of the country that have a major shortage and then after they do time there, allow them to stay in places of their choice. That way, foreigners can immigrate here, positions that need to be filled can be filled, and the native Australians can get first choice of jobs in the city they want.

Good teachers are so hard to come by, so any country should be so happy as to accept a quality teacher into their land. Hopefully this girl will be able to do her job and educate the youth to be smart, capable people in society.


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