Cooking Couples

I met a few couples on my trip to Fraser Island and it’s always funny to see them interact with each other and other people. There was one couple who was in our group and both were really nice, giving people.  It was especially funny watching them interact around dinner time. We were chopping the veggies for the salad and he comes in and starts preparing the steaks. It was then we learned the true talents of his cooking.

She instantly started laughing when he took over the kitchen. We offered several times to help, but he insisted he do all the cooking. The whole time he was cooking she was taking the piss out of him and it was hilarious.

She was saying when he starts cooking, his ego instantly becomes just a little (a lot) bigger. He takes over and asks for no help and no advice. She was saying he acts like chef Ramsey, but his food is never quite chef Ramsey material.

She was also saying he leaves his common sense at the door when he starts cooking. If something smells funny “oh that’s just the flavours”, if something’s burning “yeah it’s supposed to do that”, and if something just isn’t quite right “oh I did that on purpose”. She says in the end, the food is always good, but hardly gourmet.

Personally I think cooking dates are super fun. I also really like when someone cooks for me and I don’t have to do anything (because I really don’t like cooking). It’s a great way to get to know someone’s diet, patience, perserverence, and sometimes when things go tragically wrong, sense of humour. It was really quite fun watching these two interact with each other because they displayed all of the qualities you should have while on a cooking date: quality banter, mad seasoning skills, and patience to make the food turn out amazing.


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