Never Have I Ever

There is no quicker way to get to know someone than ‘Never Have I Ever’. Played as a drinking game, a party game, or just a plain curiousity game, Never Have I Ever forces people to admit the most shameful of acts and events. It also leads to the stories of said shameful events. I was playing with a group of friends at a hostel and one of the questions was “never have I ever had a sick because of alcohol” and of course there went one of my fingers. And then one guy had a story that was so bizarre it was actually hilarious.

So there were three guys involved (Tom, Dick , and Harry for all times sake) and they were drunk enough to think that vomiting was funny and a good idea. But after several more drinks, nobody had puked yet, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Tom decides to stick his fingers down Dick’s throat. So of course Dick pukes. But plot twist: Tom is so disgusted that he ends up puking too. Now Harry, who has been filming their escapade, is so grossed out that there’s puke everywhere that he pukes. So there you have it: three boys who reached their goal of puking from alcohol.

Now if you’re like me and think it’s stupid, you’re asking yourself why you would admit to such an atrocity. But that’s the point of never have I ever! To dig up the worst of the worst, the stories you hide under a rug for only the most drunkest of chats, and bring them right to the surface with a bunch of strangers. Never Have i ever gets the laughs going, the booze flowing, and brings together people quicker than glue. So grab a bottle and start learning way more than you need to.


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