A Local in Paradise

I met a local Noosan yesterday and she was talking about her dog, what it’s like to live in paradise every day, and some of the places to visit in Australia.

She has a staffy, which is essentially a miniature put bull. Her staffy was brown and the cutest dog ever! She was cuddly, playful, and loved swimming (just like me). Then she was talking about some of the gems the greyhound doesn’t take you to.

She was mentioning that places along the NSW coast are so beautiful and untouched by tourism that they are even more beautiful than some of the beaches in Queensland. Also a few places just a little bit inland give you a great example of life in Australia without the influx of foreigners. She says visiting the cities are always nice because they have some icons and activities you can’t get anywhere else. She left with saying that one place to visit and really spend some time in is the Western Australian coast. It is breathtaking and really shows how much Australia has to offer.

We ended the conversation talking about what it’s like to live in complete paradise. She says it’s truly amazing because you get the small city without it being dead and without the hustle and bustle. There’s always an outdoor activity, always new people to meet because it is visited by backpackers and Australians alike, and there’s still a nightlife good enough to have a great time. She takes coastal walks, visits national parks, relaxes on beaches, and has a nice shop all in one spot. She’s also close to a major city if she really needs something.

Moral of the story: I need to find myself a paradise of my own because living in that kind of weather and having that kind of lifestyle is unreal. Cute dog, amazing destinations nearby, and living  in a magical town every day.


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