The Young Homeless Man

I was talking to a gay guy from Brisbane and he was talking about how hard it is to be a gay man in Australia. Australia hasn’t legalised gay marriage yet, so imagine having to grow up in a country where it is illegal to love who you want, your parents shun and disown you, and your family won’t take you in or even talk to you. That’s the summary of the story of this poor guy.

He said he knew he was gay at an early age. He was from a highly religious family with 13 children and he was #6, so being gay was strange, unheard of, and certainly not accepted. At the age of 14, his parents kicked him out and he moved in with his aunt. However, shortly after, she too kicked him out.

He was saying that since the age of 14, he’s been on his own. He got himself motivated enough to finish high school, worked really hard to start paying for university. He was the first in his family to graduate high school. He started university and when he finishes, will be the first person in his family to go to university. And all while dealing with a boyfriend, engagement, and breakup of engagement. He did it with no help from family and now works two jobs and makes more than a graduate from university.

He has since rekindled his relationship with two siblings, but remains unable to speak to his parents and the rest of his siblings. When he was homeless and going through a horrible breakup, he has nowhere to look but his job.

Australia has a vote coming up in a couple weeks to legalise gay marriage. Hopefully Australia can serve as a proper voice for the right for everyone to love who they want forever.


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